Joe Quintel: My WWII Service as a U.S. Army Paratrooper

When the green light goes on, the jumpmaster slaps the first guy on the butt, signaling him to jump. The rest of us shuffle up as fast as we can, because once the first guy jumps, there can be no hesitation from the rest of the guys. You have to realize that the plane is flying 110 mph. Every second of hesitation puts you further off your drop zone, and into enemy territory.

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Dick MacDonald: 82nd Airborne Drops into Normandy on D-Day

The moment I heard Pearl Harbor had been attacked I was ready to enlist, at the age of nineteen, to serve my country and defend her against any foreign aggressors who threatened our way of life. When my mother caught wind of my intention, she asked me not to go until I was needed. So, reluctantly, I listened. Then one day I went to get the mail and found a letter from the U.S. Army. I had been drafted; I was needed.
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